Significance Of The Space Race

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The cold war 1945-1990. A great historical event that took place in the history of wars. This lead to the discovery of the Space race. A new world was discovered, outside ours. Well how did this great event in the history books, The Cold War lead to such an enormous discovery? Let’s go back to the 1940’s…. The space race was related to the cold war but it wasn’t the reason that space exploration started. After World War 2 America and Russia both realized that space rockets were a huge success from the perspective of the importance of space race to begin. In 1955 both the nations announced to their country about the amazing research that was going to take place for the next couple of years or decades. Unfortunately Russia took this announcement…show more content…
An astronaut named Yuri Gagarin was launched in space, known as the first man outside the Earth’s orbit in the spacecraft Vostok I. These incidents hurt the pride and ego that caused the American’s to take a step at such drastic measures even though they faced many failures in the space race. The events in the space race still continue… After this incident years went by and finally the day arrived where America will take the upper hand. Apollo 11 was launched into space in July 20th, 1965. The space craft was named The Eagle. After 3 days of voyage in the space The Eagle finally landed on the moon making its name in history. Neil Armstrong was the very first man to step on the moon; his very first lines were “That 's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. This quote meant that even though it is just a one step taken by man but it has changed our lives and science forever. This was a huge success for American’s and if we look back many failures had occurred. December 6th, 1957 Vanguard TV3 was USA’s very first failure that had incurred loads of financial losses. Two seconds later leaving the launch pad the tragic event took
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