Significance Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles had an immense significance over Germany in 1919-1939 as it would cause large political, economical, financial, geographical, and military changes for Germany and would result in the rise of the Nazis. The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty to help “settle” international conflicts after World War 1 by deciding who was responsible for the war and how they should be punished. The treaty was written up by Great Britain, France, and The United States of America. Germany was ultimately decided as responsible for the war and was punished heavily as a result. This was in large part due to the complaints of George Clemenceau about the treaty’s original leniency. Germany after the signing of the treaty would be changed forever as it would face crippling restrictions and sanctions as well as massive amounts of reparations, as well as large hunks of Germany’s original territory being divided amongst Britain, France, and U.S.A. Massive reparations were placed on Germany as a result of the biased treaty, these reparations served to not only cripple Germany but grant the members of the Triple Entente monumental bonuses by taking from the formerly rich and powerful Germany, ultimately turning the country into a mere shadow of its formal self. In total the reparations ended up costing Germany 6.6 billion Euros, at the time that was enough money to bankrupt an entire country. The cost of a loaf of bread in 1919 changed from 250 marks to 200,000 marks almost
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