Significant Changes In Medieval Times In Europe

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I will be explaining what changes occurred during the Medieval times in Europe.

The first castle was called motte and bailey and was introduced to England by The Normans from France, when they invaded the country in 1066 it is believed that as many as 1000 Motte and Bailey Castles were built in England by the Normans.

In the Motte and Bailey the most important thing was the keep, it was built on a huge mound. Mottes ranges from 25 feet to over 80 feet in height.

On the sides of the motte were so steep that it would have been impossible to run up them in one go for added protection, a deep ditch was dug around the bottom of the motte.

At the bottom of the Motte was the Bailey. The bailey was really big in size from one to three acres.

Inside the bailey, lived the followers of the lord who ran the castle. There was many building inside the bailey including stables,storehouses,bakeries,kitchen,houses and quarters for soldiers.

The second castle was the Shell Keep castle

‘Shell Keep’ is the name given to a thin, usually round, defensive enclosure that was built at the top of the castle Motte

The Third castle was called Square Keep Castle
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Under the direction of Gundulf, the Square Keep is a type of Stone Castle that has the various rooms stacked and built upon each other. The roofs of the Square Keep often had battlements to allow soldiers to guard the castle from above. Entrance to the castle would be from outside stairs into the first floor. Square Keeps had their drawbacks in that the archers could not see attackers around the sharp corners of the castle. Also, the corners of a square keep provided a weak spot where the stone could be damaged more
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