Symbolism In Leah's Wife

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Leah irrefutably is one of the most significant characters in DNA. She shows tortuosity in her twisting logic; also represents a moral conscience among the brutal society, that’s why the audience has a profound interest on her role in the story. Through Leah’s monologues, we notice she has a one-sided relationship with Phil; she is constantly desperate seeking for Phil’s attention throughout the play despite how apathetic he is towards her. And in order to get his response, she would do anything. By anything, I mean everything. She kills her own pet because she thinks it exhibits their resemblances after hearing his plan on how to deal with Adam. Another time, she tried to shock him by attempting to commit suicide but no signal received. Their “conversation” elucidates how…show more content…
The action of her spitting out Phil’s candy is symbolic of her final rejection of Phil. This shows she had enough of his mistreatment of herself and other people that she cannot stand the person he’s turning to. The chapter emphasizes the reversal of their personalities when he has spent the entire play not speaking to her and she’s usually the person who plays the narrative. At this point, Leah creates a watershed in her action helps intensify the tension of the plot, also accentuates her determinant of leaving Phil and the gang. Dennis Kelly uses pathetic fallacy in the setting of Leah’s monologue to describe how open she is as a person. The location of the gang and Leah were set on the wood and the field emphasizes their contradiction as human being. Moreover, the play has been set as a circle order so all the events are tightly linked together. It suggests the tragedy will always continue and it is definitely inescapable. However, we notice the tragedy ends when Leah leaves, which explains she is the person who holds everything together. This again reassured her significant involvement in the
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