Pieces Of Gods After Palm Sunday Chapter Summary

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Purple Hibiscus contains seventeen chapters, these chapters divide into four parts, which are neither titled nor numbered. But each deal with importance events which are narrate by Kambili’s story. This story starts with the events of past in part one on a “ Palm Sunday with the Breaking of God”. The narrator Kambili who recalls on the day time of in her family, things starts falling apart because of her brother Chukwuka “Jaja” Achike’s rebellion against his father whose dictatorial leadership of their extreme religious opinion on Catholism. He refuses to attend the communion which brings his father’s violence on him. He throws the missal forcefully at him but it misses Jaja completely, but it hits mama Beatrice Acike’s the glass etegare (Ceramic figurines of ballet dancers) which one is polished by mama often. The second part with the…show more content…
The event of papa Eugene’s death by poisoning. There is strict silence in the air in the house as breaking things violently. Kambili describes the situation that is something is hanging all over the head and she wants to be all like a dream. And a missal flings at the etagere – the destroyed mama’s favorite figurines shows sign of nervousness. According to herself it looks very strange and she cannot realise what to be and how to be. The silence in their house breaks into violence which leads to the death of father’s poisoning by mother. Here,the author of this novel Adichie shows two kinds of violence apart from human beings. That is , the violence of nature and man-made objects. As Kambili indicates her father’s death as sudden fall after palm Sunday. Howling wind and frangipani trees comes anger and the satellite dish on the top of the garage come down with heavy force like a alien spaceship. And Sisi breaks a full set of Mama’s
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