Reflective Essay: Significant Events That Changed My Life

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Significant events can be life-changing. The experiences we have had can change our whole being. These experiences can be either memories that haunt us to no end or memories that we treasure for the rest of our life. These memories are the hands that mold us into the works of art that we are today.

I have encountered many obstacles that have gauged my sobriety. I have accomplished trials simple and arduous alike. Because of the many events that have occurred to me from my childhood to the present, I have come to discover that I am a person, a human being, an existent life form inhabiting this mysterious world full of wonder.

As I try to recall the things that have happened in my past, various chains of memories show themselves into my subconscious.
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I learned how to be easygoing, I felt heartbreak from a fellow classmate—but we are still good friends—that was taken by another, I felt like a mother because of this other classmate of mine that treated me as such. I met a lot of people that if they were to be grouped together, they would make up a whole class. These people are and were my classmates after all.

The things I learned in elementary were very much a cakewalk compared to the things I have been learning in high school.

I have never seen such wrath from a teacher before, and I have never seen such a complex math equation in my whole life. I have become a sacristan and have become closer to God. The love of my life left our school to study in another country, uniting her family once again. I miss her so much and the once vivid color of my life began to darken.

I have been elected as the classroom mayor during my sophomore years and the responsibility that has been entrusted to me was never wasted. I have written a poem with the intent of seeking forgiveness from my best friend. I have danced and have sung to entertain. I have read many books of fiction and of

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