Significant Events In My Life

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Turning points are defined as a single, significant moment or event that transforms you and helps define who you are as a person for the rest of your life. Not only do they significantly impact your life in the moment, but they affect your character and traits as well. A significant event that happened in my life that defines who I am today is when my brother left for college. I remember him shoving his bags in his black 04 Jeep Cherokee and saying goodbye to everyone. Even though he was only going to a college 30 minutes away and could visit frequently on the weekends, this specific event changed my mindset and motivated me. Before he went to college, I never really thought about my future and never really considered going to college at all. Also, I did not try hard in school nor did I study a lot on exams. I basically did not care about my grades and did not know they had an affect on my future. In addition, I have always been above average in terms of intelligence in my class, so school was not hard for me at all - but again, I was…show more content…
I want my future to be successful, but I know that cannot be achieved without hard work. As long as you are passionate, self determined, and motivated, the hard work it takes to be successful is nothing compared to the luxury of happiness. I truly believe success is drawn from passion and hard work, and my brother’s college career can prove that. Because of his success, I am more self determined to have a future just like he will: Full of passion, hard work and happiness. I am motivated to work hard on every paper, exam, and project because it will only prepare me more for the future I possess. If I had never witnessed this part of my brother’s life that changed him, I would not be who I am today; self determined, motivated, passionate, and a hard
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