Reflective Essay: A Change In Life's Perspective

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Have you ever met somebody who would lead a “significant effect” or a “defining impact” in your life’s perspective? The things that you hold to believe will change. In my sixteen years of living, I can simply constitute some experiences that I remember that defines me as an individual.

It took place two years ago, after school and no one was there to pick me up, although it is actually a common situation to most, it was uncommon for me. Fortunately, I did not have to worry about my little sister because she was ill, hence she did not go to school that day. Soon after moving into the area where I was supposed to get picked up, and I was sure that there was no one there, so rather of lying about I chose to go around instead, and I come about
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It was that brief conversation with the man that made me re-assess who I am as an individual, what are my priorities, responsibilities and the things that I value to a greater extent. This experience taught me to value my family, because in the end, even if we have disagreements among ourselves, they are my family, and I know I would miss them when they are gone and efforts of appreciating them can be profoundly worthwhile. My parent constantly says “Some lessons in life are not consistently taught in school but should be known." I never paid much attention to that until about a few years back. It proves the importance of finding a balance between reading a book and learning from experiences. Situations cannot be reacted or prepared for, thus it aids us to know more about ourselves and therefore function important in our growth and happiness. We learn certain characteristics about ourselves qualities like strengths, weaknesses, inclinations, and fears.

Hence, It is my goal to gain as much knowledge as I can because it 's more often than not leads to satisfaction in life. I realized that a great deal of my life desires was introduced to me through my education and surrounding. There appears moments in life that taught me about finding my purpose, accepting opportunities and be well grounded. To accept how not every event has a guaranteed outcome, simply the continuous desire to go
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