My Most Important Moment In My Life Essay

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Throughout a person’s life, they may experience many things that shape them to what they are today. In my life I have gone through many experiences that play in a factor in shaping my character. The most significant event that affected me was hearing that my dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I remember everything very clearly as a child, I was always confused at why my dad couldn 't walk me to the bus stop or play catch with me. My parents did not tell me what my dad was diagnosed with up until I was about 13 years old, as I would have been confused if told earlier. It was a warm summer day, I was about seven years old; I was outside playing soccer with my brother. My brother was 12 years old, and always looked after me. We were bored of playing the same game, and we decided to find one more person to join the game in order for us to have fun and play it correctly. We went up to my…show more content…
This experience in my life has helped me realize just how precious good health is and how we should appreciate it every day. Nobody should take anything good that they have for granted, and I always tell my friends to appreciate the fact that they can have both their parents with them at all times. Although MS is a life altering disease for not just the person, but the family members as well, I appreciate the fact that this disease has taught me how posses an immense amount of good qualities. It has also taught me to love someone regardless of whatever health issue they may have, as they are still the same people they were before it. Life will continue to throw things my way. but because of this experience I know how crucial it is to keep going, and bare with the problems I may be faced with. As life is not perfect, problems are inevitable. Many people may experience such things however, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” -Friedrich

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