Influence On Managerial Work Research

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Research exerts significant influence on the managerial work. There are positive as well as negative aspects of the research on the managerial work. On the one hand, it helps in analysing the employee and managerial values, which in turn helps in increasing the morale and effectiveness of the organisation. Further, it helps in understanding the culture, teamwork and the behaviour of the organisation. The leading edge, the agency theory, and the administrative life cycle theory all points out towards a fact that an organisation that has Research and Development department experiences higher efficiency in the work, compared to those organisations that do not have R&D department, (Milkovich, Gerhart and Hannon, 1990). Moreover, research is beneficial…show more content…
The ability of the employees to learn via thinking is an essential competency for the organization or the workplace, (Johnson, 1997). The authors have emphasized on the implementation of the resource-based view in the strategic leadership and management of the teams and organizations in general, and the use of the managerial skills in particular. This is a very important approach because the use of the resource based approach in general helps people working in teams to analyse the strengths and weaknesses in terms of the available resources for sustaining the competitive advantage. The managerial skills can be used by the team members when the resources of the firm are not adequate in order for creating a competitive edge. The managers working in groups can use their human, conceptual, and technical skills in order to achieve a distinctive position in the marketplace. But, in the study of Carmeli and Tisher, structured questionnaire and in-depth interview techniques are used for collecting the data. These techniques are useful but in order to understand the managerial behaviour and jobs personal practical experience should also be considered. The behaviour of the employees can be described more explicitly by observing them while working with them. This is because of the fact that in the interviews and questionnaires the managers provide difficult answers and exploration of the fact becomes difficult, (Stewart, 1982). The managers handling the same task differ in their behaviours, skills, and knowledge; the difficult responses make it difficult to get information of the different behaviours and skills of the managers. Observation helps in shaping the future research because it explores the present and future situations, which allows exploration of more facts and understanding the managerial
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