Significant Literacy Experience

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Throughout my life I have had significant literacy events that have shaped me into becoming a literate person. The two huge factors that affected my literacy development was that I was held back in first grade because I lacked the literacy skills needed to be successful in second grade as well as I moved schools 4 times from Kindergarten to fifth grade. I moved from a public school to a private school and back to a public school. When I transferred back to a public school I was eight months behind in my literacy development. Therefore I was placed in a Resource Room to provide me with support to catch up with my peers that were reading at or above grade level. This needed support helped me to become a successful reader to not only decode texts but also to comprehend a text and connect my background knowledge to make meaning and relate the text to my everyday life, other texts I have…show more content…
and John Archambault. This was a read aloud my teacher Mrs. Biando read to the class. Then she took it one step further we learned the book to be able to perform it for our parents. In class she first read it the book aloud to the class and encouraged us to read along with her, then she played the book on tape, while she was doing this she would stop at certain spots in the book and think aloud what she thought would happen next or ask the class a question about a word we know that begins with the letter that is climbing up the coconut tree. Finally, we eventually were able to read it independently. We were all given parts of the book to memorize and speak during our presentation of the book to our parents. This literacy event in my childhood provided me with the opportunity to see that reading can be fun. The book used letters of the alphabet and pictures of them in a new and interesting way. Mrs. Biando also used a tape of the book to hear a story being told by an expressive
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