Significant Moment In Life

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Life isn’t always easy and fair. It has ups and downs that stand to happiness and sadness but of course life must go on. Despite of everything that life those to me I’m still strong and always heavy for it. Just like this experience of mine that really stand as an inspiration for me every day. When I was a little boy, I really wanted to become a basketball player but many people didn’t trust on my ability. They make laugh and fun with me whenever I’m holding the ball. But I didn’t give-up instead, I use it as a reason for me to grow and improved my talent which is very helpful to my happiness as an individual person. Look what I have done right now. I become more firm in this kind of sports. I was also able to help my parents financially for having a scholarship because of being a varsity player and until now I still strive hard for them to know that I can make it despite of everything. And I never forget my studies and participation in school which is very important in my future. To surpass this crisis you should be strong enough, because that was up into success in life. For you to be strong, you must challenge everything to achieve your goals in life. You must not just sit around feeling sorry about them on how they treated you as…show more content…
We should know our limitations in life especially our maturity that we can think enough on what is good and bad to our self and to enhance our knowledge in life. What I am right now is because of my family that they really supported me in all activities that I have, just to develop my attitude and personality about what happening right now. They took me in good schools just to improve myself as a whole person that have taste in everything. My family wants me to become a professional someday that I still working on it and have more capacity to show my ability to them, so that I can help them financially if they grow
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