Significant Moment In My Life

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Nothing remains constant in this world. In our life there comes a time when we feel the loss of someone close to our heart, it creates an emptiness – a dark side of life, an incompleteness – a sudden pause in a crowded moment.

In those moments a bright sunny day or even a free moment seems empty to you.

Everything that we feel in those moments seems sad to us, all those questions and feeling comes in front of your eyes. All those memories and attachments, in fact, we suffer because we miss those good moments. We try to compare those moments with our present, but no matter what we do, we knew that we would never be able to bring those moments back.

Moments like this remind us why we need to appreciate our present.

In fact, those moments which seem reasonable to you might make a huge impact in the future.

You never know what time holds for you, in fact, the time is like a river – it never stops for anyone. No matter who you’re – where ever you come from – nor it matters your opinion, it flows on.

If you’re surfing from grief and sadness, know that you are missing another moment from your life. You never know what good for you and what’s bad. You can only be able to live at the moment, create and work at this time – make this moment awesome for your whole life.

If you’re sad for someone – know that love doesn’t mean sadness – love means happiness. If you love someone, let them be free, better to see your loved ones free from your grief and sadness. We love someone
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