Significant Others Essay

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The following essay will be focusing on generalised and significant others impact on the writers self esteem, self concept, self worth and self perception. According to Charles Horton Cooley (1998:67), the level of personal insecurity you show in social situations is determined by what you believe other people think of you. The main point is that people build their self-concepts according to their understanding of how others perceive them. A significant other is a parent, uncle, grandparent or a teacher, the person that guided and took care of me while I was a child. The significant other protects rewards and punishes the child as a way of adding the child’s development. This usually takes about seven of six seven years, and after that the…show more content…
According to Daryl self perception is “A person’s view of him or herself and of any mental or physical attribute that makes up the person’s self. The perception theory of how self knowledge unfolds.” It assumes that internal states are inferences resulting from observation of one’s behaviour (Tuntufye., 1993: 267). Understanding how people get to know themselves is important because self knowledge is a foundation which people use in the process of forming values, preferences and attitudes. Clear self knowledge helps people make decisions in daily life, whereas the absence of well defined self knowledge can render an individual unable to make these decisions. The self perception theory consists of two basic claims. The first claim is that people develop their own attitudes, beliefs, and other internal states by observing their own behaviour. (Tuntufye., 1993: 268). Additionally, the self perception theory is one of the most important theories that help me as an individual to develop self knowledge because it explains how people get to know themselves under a wide range of conditions. The people around me are the people around me have no impact on myself perception because this happens inside me by observing my own
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