Lyndon B Johnson Role In The Vietnam War Essay

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Xayve Diaz APUSH 03.12.2018 P1 Short Answer Rewrite The president that played the most significant role in the Vietnam War would be Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson played a part in the Vietnam War because Lyndon B.Johnson became president after John F. Kennedy. Due to the fact, Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy had the ideas it made Lyndon B. Johnson follow basically what John F.Kennedy did because they had similar ideas. For example, Kenndy got the united states involved in the Vietnam war because he didn't want communism to spread because that's not the United States believed so he sided with Vietnam. As well as Lyndon B. Johnson got the United States in the cold war because he also didn't want to spread communism and he accidently got the…show more content…
Before his time in office, the tension was escalating between the North and the South of Vietnam. The North supported Communism and wanted to spread it out to the South and all of Southeast Asia. A war started from this tension but America's involvement came later. Once America had realized the North’s intentions, they feared that Communism would spread over to America and the idea of their Democratic society being taken over by Communism scared them the most. America had to intervene so they decided to support the South. They stationed troops in the South and provided them weapons. Neither Johnson nor John F. Kennedy could bring an end to the war, they either did nothing or added onto what was already happening. When Nixon took office he had it set. Nixon was the president to actually have the two come to terms and sign a treaty. He managed to get the South to sign the Paris Peace Accords which was at most a peace treaty. While the other presidents did nothing to bring an end to the war, Nixon did. Him getting the two sides to come to an agreement and end the war has got to be the most significant role in the Vietnam
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