Lack Of Knowledge In Richard Preston's The Hot Zone

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The Hot Zone is a book that discusses the most terrifying events that happened in the human history. This book was written by Richard Preston and It was published in the year 1994. It also discusses about the dramatic stories, giving a hair-raising experience about the lethal viruses that crashed into the human race. This book clarifies about the breakouts of the filovirus around the world, and how did people deal with this breakout. There were many moral themes that were mentioned / highlighted in this book which includes; lack of knowledge, fear, chance and Human error. One of the most common theme that had a great impact on the people was “the lack of knowledge”. As mentioned in the book, Scientists and researchers were highly educated and trained. They had experienced hot agents before, but then Preston reveals that their knowledge of the filovirus was incomplete, since they didn’t find a cure or treatment for it. Moreover, many scientists and researchers were suspicious about the filovirus and they didn’t know the source of the Marburg and Ebola virus (filovirus) or how did it start. Fear was the most common characteristic among all the characters in the book. They all shared the same fear which is the fear of exposing to…show more content…
The book was a mixture of all; horror, thriller, excitement. It includes a lot of precise description that makes the book very interesting and thrilling. I’m absolutely fascinated and amazed about all the descriptive phrases the is used to convey the image / point clearly. I have gained a lot of knowledge about viruses and how they can be transmitted from on person to another. I would absolutely recommend this book for all medical and non-medical students, since it includes medical and historical contents which will help students stay educated and

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