Alliteration In Hush-D Be The Camps By To-Day

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"Hush-D Be the Camps by To-Day" has many signs of alliteration throughout the short poem. Whitman has three main pieces of alliteration that all relate in terms of mourning. All of these pieces also differ in some aspects of their meaning in the poem. The three pieces from the poem are war-worn weapons (2), ceaseless clouds (7), and heavy hearts (12). All three of the phrases go in order an adjective then a noun. All of the adjective plus a noun alliteration in "Hush-D Be the Camps To-Day" is used to portray the soldiers ' views of mourning towards their dear commander, who died in battle. The first piece of alliteration in this short poem is war-worn weapons (2). The use of the phrase war-worn weapons is to show that the weapons from the fighting, were worn down. It wasn 't just the weapons that were worn, but also the men fighting. The line from the poem states "And soldiers let us drape our war-worn weapons," (2) A fair…show more content…
The soldiers ' hearts are heavy meaning they are filled with sadness and emotion. The line from the poem states "For the heavy hearts of soldiers," (13). Whitman uses the term heart to relate with heavy because the heart is the most common term used when talking about emotional feeling. A connection can made that the soldiers ' hearts are heavy because their commander isn 't around anymore. The hearts are heavy with sadness because of the war and the loss of their commander. The heavy hearts phrase is showing the soldiers ' mourning in both a positive and a negative way. The line from the poem states Sing-as they close the doors of earth upon-one verse, / For the heavy hearts of soldiers (12-13). The beginning part of this line is mourning in the positive way because the soldiers have showed acceptance in the death of their commander. The negative way is the second part of the line because the hearts of the soldiers are still heavy and still hurting from the

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