Signs Of Life In The Usa Steve Craig Analysis

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Dogs are very special creatures with special abilities, we see this in law enforcement through their K9 units and also with therapeutic dogs for those in need. Throughout American history, we have believed that dogs are man’s best friend and vice versa. Our dogs dependent on us to care of and provide for them. Therefore we must try our best to return home safely after a night of drinking. As a dog owner, I can truly say that I believe in this phrase with all my heart. For as long as I can remember I have always had a dog to play with, whether it was to feed unwanted food to, play outside all day with, or to turn to for comfort when I needed it. They are there as a support system and are also always happy to see you when you come home. This…show more content…
Ads that are targeted to a certain gender will display that gender with specific characteristics, such as having a male role star in the advertisement and to be also drinking beer. He also states that the time of day and positioning determines which consumers advertisers are trying to reach, which is very effective to consumers that saw the advertisement on the same football weekend as I did. By airing the ad on a football channel and on a weekend it is reaching those who are potentially drinking as well as, more than likely to be seen by many more consumers who are watching television on a weekend than a weekday. Let us not forget that it is also advertising to the consumers who favor the beverage and want to fulfill their cravings. Budweiser is showing that it cares for the safety of their consumers which will attract a grateful response by purchasing their product. According to ESPN in a 2014 poll, forty-nine percent of Americans are National Football League fans. Almost half of Americans watch football, that is a vast number of consumers that this advertisement is reaching. The NFL states that social media adds another two million viewers via Twitter to the amount of the total forty-eight million spectators who watch football on

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