Sikhism In Canada Essay

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Sikh terrorist in Canada could be considered home grown terrorist. But there were only a very small number of immigrants to Canada that had become members of terrorist groups. Sikhism in Canada began to change its character in the 1950s as Immigration resumed. Through the 1960s, more Sikhs immigrated to Canada as immigration laws were relaxed and racial quotas were removed. Sikhs migrated to Canada after the attack on the Golden Temple, by the Indian Government. Sikhs went to Canada in search for a new life and to escape persecution by the Indian Government. (cited from: Instead of Canada joining with India and banning Sikh from entering their country they allowed them settle there and allowed them to become citizens.…show more content…
Sikhs after being Canada started asking for an Independent nation called Khalistan. The Hindus didn’t want this to happen but and went generally unnoticed by the Canadian Government. The Canadian government, at one point even decided to negotiate with India and refused to deport illegal Sikh immigrants, the Canadian government also pushed the Sikhs into gaining residency in Canada. The Canadian government believes the bombings were part of a conspiracy by British Columbia-based Sikh extremists to take revenge against the Indian government for its 1984 storming of the Golden Temple, a Sikh shrine. The Indian government sought to flush out armed Sikh extremists fighting for a separate Sikh homeland. Bagri, a former preacher and supporter of Sikh separatism, was second in command in the Babbar Khalsa, a terrorist group dedicated to the creation of a separate Sikh homeland called Khalistan. (cited from: This is the incident that caused the turmoil between India and
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