Silas Merritt Robertson Character Analysis

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Stars are not born they are made through the things which make them great. Silas Merritt Robertson was made the star of the hit Duck Dynasty through his humorous stories on the show. His book Si-cology 101 by Si Robertson is a recount of some of his favorite stories which give the reader a peek behind the curtain into Si’s life before Duck Dynasty and how his life has changed since the premier of the A&E show. The book includes stories of his children, wife, and time sent in the service.This novel is great for the reader who would prefer a book with lots of comical relief in some tense situations. As well in this novel the author, Si, helps the reader to realize the power of laughter and faith in times of struggles as well as many other important life lessons.…show more content…
Si made the remark that “ the doctor told Si to stop drinking tea or he would become blind when Si retorted that he would not refrain from drinking his beloved tea the doctor asked him to at least take the spoon out before beginning to drink”(Robertson 158). As one can tell the tea from which Silas was drinking was not actually the thing causing Si to lose his vision but instead the spoon poking his eyes as he drank was causing him to lose vision. In this passage Si show his incredible humor by making a joke about his own shortcomings. Silas as well makes jokes about how without his glasses he is considered to be legally blind and should not be able to drive. This shows tremendously how Silas feels about laughter and how it can be used to give light despite hard times, struggles, and
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