Silence In The Chosen

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The words we don't say can speak louder than the words we scream. Silence is a powerful force that has the capability to alter people's lives, and the words we speak have becomes unrecognizable in the eyes of people. Within The Chosen, silence is a main theme that is touched upon throughout the book. Comprehending silence can be strenuous because it is not accustomed to our society, but the silence could also have the opportunity to speak to us. Silence can overcome any words given. In The Chosen, Danny has an unusual relationship with his father, Reb. Reb does not speak with Danny about anything that is not related to his studies. Throughout the book, Danny has bitter feelings towards his father, and he feels disconnected with him. A large amount of the story shows how Danny feels conflicted with his feelings. The silence is a time to listen to everything around…show more content…
It talks. And I can hear it"(Chosen 262). David is unraveling the truth behind Reb's silence to Danny and Reuven. The quote sparks an epiphany that changes both the readers perspective and the characters. The discovered the inexorable truth behind the pain that Reb has put Danny through. Silence can be excruciatingly painful to bare, but the silence can also allow one to grow and understand more than words ever would be able to bestow. Reb confronts Danny, through Reuven and he explains, "You think I was cruel? Yes, I see from your eyes that you think I was cruel to my Daniel. Perhaps. But he has learned"(The Chosen 280). Reb understood the impact that silence can have on a person. Once a person accepts that there is silence, only then are they able to learn from it. Danny had learned from the silence, and it had shaped and molded him into the person that he was that day. Danny unknowingly used Reuven and David to decipher the silence from his father. Silence is a crucial theme, not only within The Chosen, but it is also an important theme in life. Words do not necessarily say more that no words
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