Silence Shunsaku Endo Silence Analysis

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young woodcutter live. The event caused the young woodcutter to become very ill and have vivid nightmares for weeks. He remains silent about the event that he witnesses. As time goes on he marries a beautiful woman who bears him three children. Then, one night, as the light hits his wife just right, and an image flash before him. His wife becomes the frost spirit women. He describes, “I can remember it as if it happened yesterday, (Kobayashi 103:00).” The young woodcutter suffered from PTSD and when the light hit his wife, it was a trigger that brought back the memory vividly. Another example of PTSD is the PTSD that Sebastian Rodrigues exsperiences in Shusaku Endo’s novel “Silence.” “Silence” is a historical fiction that follows a Portages Catholic priest, Sebastian Rodrigues, who travels to Japan to spread the word of Christ. During his time there he witness Catholics who are tortured and killed for their faith. The book is based on the killing of Catholics in Japan during the 17th century. Catholic missionaries as well as Japanese Catholics were tortured and killed due to their faith. People watched as their fellow Catholics were drowned, hung, and executed right before their very eyes which left many people in silence. The longer Sebastian stayed in Japan, the more trauma he witnesses leaving him in silence. One of…show more content…
The topic of PTSD is silence. PTSD is viewed as weakness as well as a dishonor (Sethnne). Due to the stigma, soldiers who have PTSD are in fear of losing their job because they are seen as unqualified. As soldiers who suffer from PTSD recall, “I never wanted to talk about my PTSD, as others might have thought of me as being “unstable,” “not cut out for the job”, or something similar, (Wizelmen 125).” Soldiers who suffer from vivid memories of the trauma they face remain silent due to the fears as well as the negative views the company they work for has on
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