Silencing Argumentative Analysis

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Silencing is a way that other men and women use their words to silence the idea or comment another woman tries to make in the media and social media. The comments of some women who try to voice a legitimate opinion about something happen in the world is almost immediately shot down by a man primarily or another woman. A man or another blindly lead woman will automatically shoot down any form of a woman having a simple thought, or voicing her opinion. Many of the comments that are seen under a woman’s post that might be the slightest bit controversial is that of “Are you on your period?” or “It is okay little girl just have daddy or boyfriend correct you.” Another common comment is “show me your boobs” under posts that may be the tiniest provocative,…show more content…
Men will use words to discredit a women’s intelligence and make her sound that her own thought was not her own but came from someone else. Men will use something along the lines of “oh you are just saying that because, your (strong male figure) told you to think like that.” This silences anything else that woman may have had to say about the topic because now, she has to prove that that thought was not only her own but, she actually used her brain to form it. Stanley uses the example from Catherine MacKinnon article about how pornography silences women. Women who want to say and actually mean no are seen as saying yes to men. It has brainwashed men into thinking no means yes and yes means no. In social media posts and other media platforms the brainwashing continues, men still see women as sexual objects that cannot have a brain and cannot have an opinion so when there is a somewhat intelligent comment made by a woman men are brainwashed to think she cannot and try to undermine her by silencing the comment. Men are still even taught today that women are to be subservient to them and that men are to know more than
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