Silent Birds: The Heart Rates Of Hummingbirds

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The hummingbirds are unique birds. They are small and extremely lightweight, exhibit exceptionally high metabolism rates, and possess the multi-directional flying ability.

Hummingbirds are some of the smallest birds. The species Bee hummingbird is the tiniest of all birds weighing less than 2 g (0.07 Oz).

Insects excepted, the hummingbirds have the highest metabolism rates of all animals. In fact, they can sometimes be found eating approximately every 10 minutes. Their heart rates average to around 1200 bpm during flight. Furthermore, their oxygen absorption per unit muscle weight is tenfold that of the athletes. Have a look at this looseferfact to know more about the heart rates of hummingbirds.

The name "hummingbird" stems from the evidence
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