Silent By Ewald: Summary

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The story of Ewald begins with his concerns on why some diseases are contagious while others ignore, leading to his visitation at the school of hygiene. He needed to understand the relationship existing between an host and parasites cause in his mind there shouldn’t be any kind of connection. His argument was based on the drastical effect it causes due to the fact that it immobilizes its patient, and if not taking care of will leads to a rapid spread making the surrounding contagious comparing viruses that have a human host not been succeeding in transmitting diseases from host to another host than insect like mosquitoes which transport the virus malaria through biting since it immobilized the human contract, leading to a drastic break down and his reason has to do with the rapid transmission and effects of malaria, and yellow fever was still transported actively by this insect through bites than cold. This led to his understanding of the massive deadly that had occurred in the previous year because the bacteria cause diarrhea isn’t culpable enough as mosquitoes in being productive with the transmission process.…show more content…
Through the reading of the Darwin book, sought the reason the southern side suffer than the middle class, reason being was their water supply was dirty discover by Snow when he look through the mean line of their water causing the severe harm to those dwelling in it as Ewald concludes that if the lethality of cholera causing diarrhea, typhoid fever and other severe illness before resulting to death, as he went on to described basing upon the idea gathered as way of improving the public health. If this waterborne disease causes something harmful, purify it would the opposite, he suggests being that this disease was transmitted by the water

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