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Silent Hero Taneon Rood

There are many silent heroes that can be spotted in today's society, but do we really know who these people even are

personally or how much their good deeds make in impact to us. We all know at least one person in our lives we can classify as

a silent hero. I would like to talk about how my mom is worthy of being considered a silent hero and the things she has done

in her life that make her qualified to be called that. I hope that society starts to look closely and recognize those people out

there of good character, morals and standards. We need more silent heroes in our life in today's world.

My mom once helped talk a man going through a hard
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These people who are unfortunate will be blessed, because we have silent heroes like my mom guiding

them in this world.

One last thing I would like to talk about is that my mom has adopted a child. My mom's kind heart and willingness to

take on a huge challenge of adopting someone is an amazing part of her life, and she has told me about it a lot. She told me

to never ever think that kids are bad in this world, kids are the gift from God and he wanted us to have them. My mom was

able to take care of the adopted child, who I call my brother. He is now well off and was able to get his life back together

thanks to the help of my mother for always being there for him and getting him out of his bad habits and trials.

Silent heroes are extremely vital in today's society, and I honestly don't know what we would do without them. There

aren't many, but when you see a silent hero I want you to thank them for all that they do. They deserve more respect than

just regular heroes, because silent heroes don't need glory, fame or money for all of the good they bring. They just want to

bring peace and happiness for everyone. I encourage us all to become silent heroes in
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