Silent Hill Film Analysis

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constructed ICO (builds) the day "(2001). Moreover, it is by the analysis of the first three games of the Silent Hill series that I laid the foundation of this reflection. Fictional emotions Focusing in Emotion and the Structure of Narrative Film: Film as an Emotion Machine to understand the emotional experience that movies are for the viewer, Ed S. Tan are two types of emotion, which is certainly not enough but in contrast highly relevant for the study of video games. The fictional emotions (emotions fiction) are the first type. They are defined by Tan as emotions rooted in the fictional world and concerns addressed by the world (1996: 65). Thus, in the story (not the gameplay), the gamer is emotionally immersed in the same degree that the viewer. Through the diegetic effect, he…show more content…
This includes emotions such as hope and fear, anguish, sympathy, pity, relief, gratitude, admiration, shame, anger, fear, joy and sadness "(Tan 1996: 82) The gamer is required to have empathy for the avatar, to feel emotions with it. For example, in Silent Hill 2, the character embodied by the gamer is James Sunderland, an ordinary man who can neither aim very well with a firearm or run very fast, and reacts to situations in the same way as the gamer could itself react. It goes to the town of Silent Hill because his wife Mary sent him a letter asking him to come to meet their "special place". The problem is that Mary has been dead for three years. The goal is to achieve the so-called "special place" and to discover the truth about the letter (a truth rather surprising way). While the gamer throughout the quest sharing the fears and anxieties of James and his hopes and doubts, meetings and four NPC relations are strong and significant emotional times. Among others, is slowly discovers the tragic past of suicidal Angela Orosco met from the outset in a cemetery and one is led to sympathize with her despair. Leave Maria, the woman who looks just like Mary who accompanied James to be
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