Silent Movie Study: Silent Films And Silent Cinema

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Silent movie study
In this study I am looking at silent films and silent cinema.
The silent cinema is a film based on the picture only and it is completely free of words based on silent dialogue in the absence of dialogue and musical instruments sometimes and other depends on the silent dialogue with music, especially because music is a key factor in the absence of words to attract the viewer and influenced by the scene and follow the events of the film. More silent film Maize. It does not need an audience following a specific language. All people of different nationality and language can watch the film and understand without the need to read the translation, so we can say that the cinema Silent and has a large audience and wider than any other cinema and will address the most silent films of Charlie Chaplin.
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He is also known for his mischief. Charlie Chaplin 's historical importance is that he was a comedian who had a good career as actor, director and writer. As a composer in the era of silent films, he is known for his black round hat and loose pants. Charlie Chaplin captured the hearts of the early filmmakers and became one of the most beloved characters. Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous men in the world in 1952 McCarthyism is the direction of the people unjustly accused of being communists in America and lose their reputations and their victims was Charlie Chaplin. In this research I looked at a number of examples of scenes from his films. In each of these I will describe the scene and how it

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