Analysis Of Timothie Bright's Poem '10 Silver Bullets'

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sorrow. He seems full of hatred towards “the holy ones” who have betrayed their hearts. Then the narrator redirects his antipathy again towards the specific “you” as he continues “You threw me down the throat of hell / Tied my hands and burned me with your tongue” echoing of “10 Silver Bullets”. The narrator goes further with his accusation as he continues “Drowned me in the nothingness / Into the abyss of your poison well”. It is questionable if the accusations are directed towards “her”, or if the narrator is blaming his own deceptive heart. Nonetheless these lines clearly reflect dishonesty, deceit, and violent harmful love. “Silhouettes” continue the familiar theme seen in the first two examples of despair. The reason for the narrator’s despair is love, or more precisely…show more content…
However, the following lines change the viewpoint of the interpretation: “But in the flame I saw myself burned alive / Burned alive with her”. The reason behind his melancholy is revealed and it becomes obvious that the curse is in fact love and the result of it is despair. The narrator continues “Please, save me Saint Peter!” This plead creates a link to “With You Came the Whole of the World’s Tears” in which the narrator is in despair after falling in love but then separated from the object of his love. The narrator feels lost and torn as the “flags” of the ship have been “ripped apart by the winds that felt like thorns, no land, no home in sight”. The despair of the narrator as well as his feelings of loneliness and displacement is verified by the next line “I am abandoned / Abandoned by the light”. As seen already in the earlier examples, the metaphorical meaning of light has been interpreted as hope, thus to be abandoned by the light means to be abandoned by hope, In this case the narrator is abandoned by the hope of being reunited with his
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