'Silhouettes: Themes In Abandoned By The Light'

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“Silhouettes” continue the familiar theme seen in the first two examples of despair. The reason for the narrator’s despair is love, or more precisely the loss of the love object. In all of the three examples, hell seems to describe the feelings of despair, agony and anxiety connected with love. The three examples also represent the lost love object in fairly negative manner as she is described as a serpent and a destroyer whose poisonous words and burning tongue as she sang her siren song and lured him into hell – into unceasing despair. A hell that he no longer cannot live without.

The fourth instance, “Abandoned by the Light”, continues the themes of despair as seen in the first examples. The title echoes feelings such as loss and fear. The lyrics are told from by the narrator’s viewpoint narrator, and portray despair of a man who fell in love and now has to pay for the consequences. Whereas the narration is descriptive and metaphorical, the tone is more straightforward revealing the pain and despair of the narrator. The lyrics start with the narrator telling how he “anchored” his “heart into the depths of this sea”. The sea has symbolized various things such as life, death, and time (Ferber 2007: 179), but in this case acts as a metaphor for the narrator’s emotions. He continues by stating that “With this ship made out of fears / Its crew plagued with the curse”. As the sea is interpreted to describe emotions, thus the ship could be interpreted as his body and the crew

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