Silk Road Journal Entry Analysis

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Silk Road journal entries: an insight into the human psyche Day 86 It seems like years since I last saw my family in China. It was hard to leave them, but I knew I had to leave and try and support them through trade. In the beginning, my travels were very harsh. Before our first trading post, we came close to completely running out of supplies. Fortunately, we made good friends with fellow traders from a northern Chinese village. They shared some of their rations with my group and decided to travel with us. While I myself was nervous about traveling with more strangers, my fears were soon dissolved. Somehow after a few days of travel, I felt more at peace. Then I had my whole trip. The safety in numbers has made me sleep better at night, which is very important for how much travel we must complete in a day. One of my biggest fears on this journey is that our caravans will be attacked and raided. Inside we carry precious jewels, like jade, as well as valuable metals. We have many things to trade, and taking them all with us, has…show more content…
It seems like we go through the same steps every day. Our days seem quite repetitive, and it is slowly driving me insane. As much as I love the company of the men I am traveling with, I miss my family dearly. I feel as if these entries are the only thing keeping me sane. At least if I am lost through this journey, someone back home might be able to find this journal and understand the trouble I am facing. It also seems like forever since I’ve had a real meal. We have gone many days without food in hopes to make our rations last longer. Around day 93, some beast came in the night and stole a large amount of our food. I am traveling by the guidance veterans of the Silk Road. I see a madness in their eyes, that is fear is becoming prominent on my own. Even being with so many people I feel so alone. Trapped in my own head, it's twisted tails of desperation, and no return, strike at my heel like a
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