Silver Lining Playbook Analysis

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Movie Assignment: Silver Lining Playbook Silver Lining Playbook is the movie about a man Patrick Solatanoh (Pat) who suffering from mental illness. It starts when he discovered that his wife having a scandal with his own colleague, the history teacher and he nearly kills the man. Then, he being sent to the mental institution and followed order from court he released after eight month, then stayed at his parents’ house. However, through a view from psychological, he needs to stay for couple months because his had diagnosed bipolar disorder. In keeping his illness under control, he supposed to be taking medication but he refuse to take it, because the medication give a huge impact to his body such as bloated stomach and chaotic thought. The…show more content…
At first, he really cannot accepted the situation that his wife betrayed him until he nearly killed someone. After that, his live become worse as he keep angry to people surrounding him including his parents. He also cannot listening to his wedding’s song and will creates riots after listening the song. He was also blaming himself reasons for his wife betrayed him. However, he changed his thought and attitude in the mental institutions. He changes outlook of his life and attempt to find the ‘silver lining’ and also become more positive person. Then, after went from the institution, although he was not accepted by his neighbour, he keeps tried to communicate with them and also had tried to go to his old workplace to get job there. As become a positive person, he seen everything happen to him have the ‘silver lining’ and these teach him always be calm. It also helps him free from any stress state. The positive attitude continued developed with the helped by Tiffany who also had been diagnosed having borderline personality disorders. Pat felt that she understands his feeling very well and makes him become calmer. Tiffany was his ex-wife’s friend. So, he kept change his attitude and as much as possible controlling his emotion because he wanted Tiffany told his wife that he had become better
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