Silver Metal Research Paper

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Chemists classify silver as a transition metal. And is also called a precious metal. It is mostly found in the earth 's crust. Silver is mostly used for jewelry or house supplies such as silverware. Humans have used silver for thousands of years. Silver is a transition metal and it has an atomic mass of 107.868. Gold and copper were discovered before silver. Gold and copper were free elements in nature. The Bible has many records of silver, the Bible says that it was in the temples and palaces. Silver is a soft white metal with a shiny surface. It is flexible and can be hammered into flat sheets. Silvers melting point is 1,762 degrees fahrenheit. Silver is very inactive and does not react with oxygen. It does however react with sulfur. Silver…show more content…
Silver is quite rare and it 's abundance is about .1 parts per million. It can also be found in seawater and it 's abundance in seawater is about .001 parts per million. Largest producers of silver are mexico, peru, usa, canada, poland, chile, and australia. There are about 76 mines in 16 states in the united states. Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada are the largest silver producing states. Silver-107 and silver-109 are two natural occurring isotopes. Silver is from ores that have small amounts of metal. Their can either be a lot of silver in one or a little bit of silver. Mining is mostly how silver is found, and is produced after the primary metal has been removed,where the remaining waste contains silver. The silver waste is the chemically broken down when an electric current has been passed through. Only about 10% of the silver is used for jewelry or coins. In the machine industry silver is the most desired due to the smooth electric flow of energy through silver. But also due to the expense of silver, aluminum and copper are…show more content…
In order to change ions to atoms you must have a electrical device. It is very expensive though, but sometimes money isn 't an option and they must use it at any cost. Just like spaceships, they have to use one of these electrical devices. They rely on these devices to work and work efficiently otherwise they might crash.
In 1200 B.C. Spain became the center of silver production. When the Moorish invaded spain, silver migrated to other countries and it became more of a worldwide trade. Between 750 and 1200 A.D. many silver mines were discovered and fifty years later there was even more growth and improvements to technology. Better technology was required in order to mine the silver consistently.
One of the very first places that silver was discovered in was modern day turkey. Silver was mostly sought after in asia and the greek islands. The silver was discovered in asia. After the fall of the minoan civilization. Silver trade expanded and greek civilization became one of the leading
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