Silver Pavement And Golden Roofs Summary

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Immigrants in America seems to have a difficult life settling down and finding pleasure in life. When immigrants moved to America, they had great dreams about their lives. However, when they got to the land of dreams they find life to be very different and far from their expectations. The immigrants cannot live a free life that make them feel proud of their lives. For example, the narrator in “The Word Love” lives a hideous life. She is not proud of her life in America because she is forced to do things that her mother warned her against. She lives with a man with whom they are not married, and she hates it that the practice goes against the values that her mother taught her. On the other hand, in the story “Silver Pavements and Golden Roofs” a girl from Calcutta finds transition of life different than expected. She lives with her aunt and uncle in the America. They live quite simply, and her uncle is quite bitter about this fact. In this story aunt is forced to do things which uncle wants and eventually gives up her dreams and allows her husband to dominate her. Dominant moods or qualities of stories “The Word Love” is a vivid story that focus on the feeling of love. The story is about love of the narrator for her mother and the love she feels for her boyfriend, which conflict because of the cultural differences. While the story “Silver Pavements and Golden Roofs” is an insightful story that shows the effect of moving to America and living an uncomfortable life. The

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