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When researching the terrain of Mexico I found that the Northwest and northern inland are drier than other parts of the country. Summers are hot and dry, as winters can be chilly in the inland northern parts of Mexico. Mountains often have snow on the tops. During the months from May to October are categorized as wetter (Adventure learning foundation). With a lack of water and high temperatures can cause problems for farmers in Mexico. Silvopastoralism, which can be practiced in different ways, is one of the new techniques they are starting to adapt which will help them with water and soil quality. Silvopastoralism is the relationship between trees and pasture to create better livestock production. Around 54.9% of land in Mexico is used for…show more content…
Papayas, squash, avocado, beans, tomatoes, and many other fruits and vegetables are found in their diet as well. They eat many different spices and peppers. They often choose chicken or pork for meat. Breads are sold and common tortillas are bought at local tortilla stands. Sodas are popular and received from the local vendors. Most of their fruits, vegetables, corn, rice and sugar come from the local farmers or from their own gardens. Some are too poor to hardly feed their own families out of a garden. Much of their food is cooked into breads, stews, salsas, quesadillas, and hotdishes. (Mexico)

Where there are problems there is a need for solutions. I propose we start with education. We need to educate people about the conflicts that Mexico and the need to resolve the related struggles. It is everyone’s responsibility to learn about these challenges in Mexico. People need to be informed on how they can help resolve some of these conflicts. I didn’t realize how uneducated I was about these conflicts until I started my research process. We should be informing people that through donating money, time and talents, preserved foods and other helpful resources can make a

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