Silybum Marianum Case Study

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Molecular insights in to the genetic diversity of milk thistle (Silybum marianum [L.] Gaertn. ) populations native to Southwest Iran
Silybum Marianum which is commonly referred to as the milk thistle is the most common medicinal plants mainly due to its antioxidant as well as its anti-inflammatory characteristics. The Start Codon Targeted marketer system (SCoT) was utilized so as to study the genetic variability. In the study, there were 80 individuals who comprised of 8 natural populations who took part in the study of natural genetic diversity. There were 255 amplicons that were produced by SCoT marketer which generated 89.1% polymorphism. The PIC- polymorphism information content value of the SCoT marker system was noted as 0.43 while the resolving power values of the primers were at a range of 4.43 and 7.50. the range in percentage of the polymorphic loci (pp) was from
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Gaertn.) belongs to the composite family and due to its medicinal capabilities it has widely been used as a cure for various illnesses (Kazazis et al., 2014). Its pharmacological features have been associated with a flavonoid complex known as silimarin. In the silimarin mixture there are three isomers namely silybin, silychristin and silydianin which are very highly concentrated particularly in the fruit of the plant (Kroll et al., 2007). The antioxidant effects that are shown by silimarin are attributed to reducing production of free radicals, limitation of peroxidation and also the antifibrotic activity (Abenavoli et al., 2010). 3- deoxyflavanolignans mucilage, amines, fatty acids, trimethylglycerine, betaine and flavonoids are also some of the constituents that can be found apart from the silimarin (Lee et al., 2006, Abourashed et al., 2012). Both in vivo and in vitro, silymarin has also been widely researched on because of its possible cancer chemopreventive capabilities on the various types of cancer (Post-White et al., 2007, Kroll et al.,

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