Sima Baldwin Biography

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By Ri.L.C

Sima is a very bright and fun person who really enjoys teaching. She is a teacher who hopes to help her students not just academically but also socially and emotionally.

Sima J. Baldwin 38 years old was born in Torrance California. She first went to Cal state University San marcos. In her first two years of college Baldwin wasn’t sure what her career would be but she knew she wanted to work with children . In Baldwin’s 3 year of college her teachers really pushed her to pick a career so Baldwin chose to be a teacher but she decided to move to Oregon before she finished her degree. After she moved to Oregon it took her some time to go back to college and finish her degree. She went to the University of Oregon for one year to finished her degree and get her masters in teaching. Her first year of teaching After Baldwin went back and got her masters she worked at a child developement center for a year. What was it like working at the child
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She is now a first grade teacher. When i inquired about her initial teaching experience as opposed to the present Baldwin readily answered. “So when i first started this year it was like ok i’m underwater but i got my snorkel so i can breathe, I felt like i was underwater the whole time but i had my snorkel i could breathe, i’m doing a lot better now, it still takes a lot of work and you have to be very very organized said Baldwin,”. Baldwin is looking forward to summer vacation and the months she gets to spend camping, traveling and visiting her family. Do you now really appreciate summer vacation and the all the breaks you get? “Yes yes i do says Baldwin.“ Teachers get a lot of breaks we get christmas, spring break and all of summer off
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