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SIME DARBY PLANTATION- SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY Sime Darby Plantation plays an essential role in the promotion and development of sustainable practices in the palm oil sector. Being the world´s largest producer of certified sustainable palm oil as well as the founding member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), they seek to advance their production as well as the use of sustainable oil palm products. Sime Darby’s commitment to sustainable development applies with the Group 's brand promise which is Developing Sustainable Futures. Therefore, the multinational organization works closely with business partners and employees who are also committed to sustainability and social responsibility.
In order to achieve sustainability
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They constantly engage with the stakeholders communities in order to help to achieve their goals of a sustainable development and ensure good corporate governance and high ethical values within their sphere of influence. At Sime Darby Plantation, stakeholder engagement is identified as a fundamental part of the sustainability strategy and consistent improvement measures are conducted at various platforms. This helps Sime Darby Plantation to enhance their performance in meeting expectations and providing feedback. The key stakeholder groups that have been identified through the palm oil sector activities include shareholders, customers, employees, non-governmental organisations, industry groups, and government agencies. The engagement approach differs from formal to informal, but all issues are taken into consideration and evaluated on the impact they make on both the stakeholder and Sime Darby.
One of the ways Sime Darby engages with its stakeholders is through the grievance and whistle blowing policy. The aim of this policy is to address any complaints and grievance of affected stakeholders with the highest ethical values and standards. The Grievance Policy provides a structure for non-discriminatory and fair treatment

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