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Although I am still experiencing adolescent years, at 12, 13, 14, and 15 I 've been through 4 schools. In Simi I went to Parkview Elementary School. In Fairfield I went to K.I. Jones Elementary school, B. Gale Wilson Middle school and Rodriguez High School/ Solano Community College. At 12, I lived in Simi Valley, Ca. Before I turned 13, I moved with my mom, sister and stepdad to Fairfield, Ca and we have lived out here since. Before I moved to Fairfield, Ca I Lived with my Grandma and my step Grandpa. Now I live with my mom, stepdad and half sisters and a soon-to-be 3rd sibling. I usually spend my time with school, karate classes, with our 4 dogs, baking, playing video games and watching Netflix. Biosocial Development: “Teenagers…show more content…
However, the authors wish that adults would encourage teenagers to to discuss complex spiritual issues” (449). Since I could remember, my family in Simi Valley and Fairfield have always been Christian and believed in a God, Heaven and Hell except for my mother. Now although I didn 't always live with my mother, when my grandma in Simi would try to take me to church I always felt strange in the church. Even last year, at 14, I told my step grandma that I wasn 't gonna go to church with her anymore because I didn 't believe in anything they talked about there and I didn 't ever understand what was happening. It made her angry that I said this because she said I was making a bad a example for my two younger sisters, but my mom understood that I didn 't want to be there so she said that I didn 't have to go and when I started high school and going to SCC, I haven 't had time on the weekends so my step grandma hasn 't been on my case about going because she understood that I was always busy. In my family, my mother and I are the only ones that don 't believe that there is a god except that my mom does believe there is a heaven and a hell but I think that when you die your spirit still roams the earth which is why there are ghosts. But an example would be that at thanksgiving, everyone always prays before the food and I have to go along with it because most of my family members don 't think it 's…show more content…
“The complications is that adolescents play an active role in their own monitoring: some happily tell their parents about their activities,whereas others are secretive. Most disclose only part of the truth, selective omitting things their parents would not approve of..” (480). Recently, over summer I got in trouble because I only told my mom the partial truth of who I was going to the movies with. Being in the program for school I 'm in, we are stuck with the same 50 students for 4 years so it 's weird to try and date someone among the whole grade so I was talking to a guy my age that lived in Stockton and we skyped a couple times and talked on the phone until he said he wanted to meet in person so we planned a day to go to the movies and I invited my friend Gabby because I wanted to have someone with me just in case. I told my mom that we were meeting with an old friend from middle school that moved to Stockton and we all wanted to see a movie. Knowing my mom, she thought It was worse and thought I was gonna be catfished and I wasn 't gonna be meeting a guy my age but a pedophile so she called her friends that are in law enforcement to do a background check on the name he gave me and on his number. I told her several times that I video chatted with him and he was actually who he said he was but she never wanted to sit down and hear what I was actually trying to say so she took my phone away and pretended to be me and texted him to

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