Similarities And Difference Between Raffles Hotels And Resorts

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Introduction Every hotel has a certain set of standards that help the hotel reach their full potential. These standards help the establishment to meet or even exceed the guest needs and the organization’s objectives and goals. There are also different factors, tangible and intangible elements that will also influence on the guest’s interaction with the staff as well as the guests’ expectations. This report will be discussing about similarities and differences of the philosophy, target market, the Room Division products being offered at the Raffles Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel. Body The Raffles Hotels and Resorts’ philosophy is to deliver emotional luxury and thoughtful, welcoming and graceful service. It also seeks to provide sophistication,…show more content…
The guests’ expectations of the room are that it should provide ultra modern comfort and tranquility. This can be seen in the room’s interior since it is inspired by the Polynesian island, which is peaceful, warm and welcoming. The scenery of the beach, lagoon or Mount Otemanu through the rooms also creates an exquisite yet luxurious ambiance to the guests. The amenities and services that are being offered are unmatched, suited to the guests’ relaxation and of the highest standard. Examples are the oversized bathtub and separate shower and their twice-daily housekeeping…show more content…
In order to meet these objectives, there must be a list of standards that need to be accomplished. Standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability exist (, 2015). These standards may vary with the hotel’s brand and image and it can be measured through the tangible and intangible product. Each of the tangible and intangible elements that were mentioned all help to satisfy the guests’ needs and expectations. For example, the website that provides detailed information about its facilities and is being used as a communication channel. This helps the customers build up their expectations based on what is being shown in the website. Another example is the grooming and presentation of the staff. Each hotel has a different style in their uniform and appearance yet they have the same standard of presenting themselves. For example, the Raffles hotel uniform is emphasizing on the early Filipino clothing while the Four Seasons Bora Bora has a comfortable and Polynesian-inspired uniform. Even with the slight differences, they are still required to wear a spotless and well-ironed uniform and have fresh breath even after breaks. This helps to achieve the hotel’s standards and meet the guests’ expectation of the

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