Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Greece And Rome

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Ancient Greek and ancient Rome are often confused with one another even though there are great differences between the two. Both countries are Mediterranean but have social class differences, different mythology, different life values and different architectural concepts. It is said that much of what Rome used in everyday life was taken from the ancient Greek civilization as the ancient Greek civilization started 5th century BC. And it was not till hundreds of years later that the roman civilization started. Cities in Ancient Greece were differentiated by hills. All cities were close to water bodies while Rome was an inland nation and arranged on the banks of River Tiber. Talking about art of Greece and Rome, Greeks were thought to be better than that of Romans. One of the sculptures that Greece is known with is Venus de Milo. Romans were great at mosaic, wall painting and they were also known for creating realistic portraits. Regarding economy, the bases old Greece and old Rome was agriculture. Greeks lived on little wheat creating ranches however had poor days due to shameful agribusiness rehearses while Romans had turned towards estates, delivering olive oil and wine. Socially, both the Greek and Roman believed in a hierarchy. Greece isolated their social frameworks into five classes: slaves, freedmen, natives and ladies. In the Greece civilization, ladies were not given a position, they were thought to be not as much as slaves. Rome’s general public was separated into
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