Similarities And Differences Between Beauty And The Beast And Phantom Of The Opera

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Love is a choice, a feeling, a kind of belief and a kind of responsibility. I get this thesis from two different places. In the movie “Beauty and the Beast” and the novel “Phantom of the Opera,” we can see this theme when we analyze the similarities and differences between the characters of the Beast and Erik, and Belle and Christine. In the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, the Beast choice Belle, he do not choice any other girls. He just loves Belle. Why? Maybe because of Belle is very beauty, but it isn’t all. She is kind, friendly, brave and vivacious. The beast is self-abasement; he feared that she may be repulsed by his ugliness and run away. Fortunately, Belle do not repulsed him, she just afraid of the Beast. In the beginning, the Beast’s temperament is very bad; he is irritable and easy to angry. If they have something that the Beast does not want to do, he will very angry and bellow. “There’s a stranger here! Who let him in? You have all betrayed me! Who are you? What are you doing in my castle? You’re not welcome here! I am hideous aren’t I? You’ve come to see the Beast, haven’t you? I’ll give you a place to stay!” Belle runs away. Although the Beast and Belle has a commitment about Belle must replace her father to stay there forever, she still run away. Then Belle has a big problem. So many wolfs! Wolfs will kill her. Zhang 2 However, the beast risks his life to save Belle. His arms are injured and faint because of excessive bleeding. Trousdale, Beauty and the
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