Similarities And Differences Between Coaching And Mentoring

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similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring There are many definitions for the differences between coaching and mentoring. One of which is: “Differences between mentoring and coaching Mentoring - Mentoring is an indefinite, relationship based activity with several specific but wide ranging goals. It does not have to be a formal process. The mentor is a facilitator who works with either an individual or a group of people over an extended time period. The agenda is open and continues to evolve over the longer term. Mentoring seeks to build wisdom – the ability to apply skills, knowledge and experience to new situations and processes. Coaching -The focus is on meeting very specific objectives within a set period of time. Coaching is mainly concerned with performance and the development of certain skills. It usually takes place on a one-to-one basis and has a very specific purpose. There is usually a planned programme with a much shorter timeframe than in mentoring, so the learning goals are usually determined in advance. Mentoring and coaching can be ‘stand-alone’ activities, but they can also be used to complement each other. ” There has been much debate on the differences and similarities of coaching and mentoring. Coaching and mentoring are used for a variety of purposes to develop managers and leaders. They support change in the working environment, help to reduce stress, develop independence and improve performance and skills. How successful these

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