Similarities And Differences Between Doctor And Doctors

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Imagine how different a person’s life would be had they been born maybe 400 years ahead of time. Think about how different their job would be and how different their moral would be. Now, also think about how similar their life would be. For example, maybe they could still work a job with a similar concept or they would still believe that stealing is wrong. In many books, people have similar jobs to the jobs that we have today despite living in a vastly different time period. An example of this is The Doctor from Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and doctors nowadays. The Doctor was a smart and knowledgeable man, but he was also a little morally corrupt. Doctors today can be described very similarly. The Doctor and doctors today are similar and different because of what they learned to help sick patients, what types of categories that they put certain illnesses in, and with their greed for more money. Over the many years between Medieval Times and today, there have been many medical advances and many changes elsewhere too, though some things have remained the same. The Doctor in Canterbury Tales was “grounded in astronomy” (Chaucer, 424) and “by [a patient’s] horoscope, he knew the powers/of…show more content…
The Doctor and many doctors today are greedy and enabled by equally greedy pharmacists that benefit from doctors’ greed as well. Despite being from different time periods and having different approaches to making people get better, they still were trying to make their patients feel better. However, because they are from different time periods, they learned different things in order to figure out what was wrong with a patient. These differences and similarities are because it teaches people about history that relates to them. Based on that history, it is their choice of whether or not they should change something about themselves in order to make the world a better

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