Similarities And Differences Between Edgar Allan Poe And Roald Dahl

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Edgar Allan Poe and Roald Dahl have some similarities and differences, in consideration of their childhood experiences, background, plus writing. To begin with, Poe and Dahl experienced death at a young age with some of their family members. Additionally, Poe’s mom died of tuberculosis at 24 years old and his dad died of alcoholism. Also, he abandoned the family when Poe was only the age of 2. Likewise Poe’s foster mom who died of tuberculosis too. Similarly, Dahl at 3 years old, witnessed his dad and sisters die of illness. Besides, both authors resemble each other, because they went through poverty. In fact, Poe wanted to be part of the Allan’s (foster family), for the fact that he was an orphan at a young age. However, Dahl had a close relationship with his mom (took care of him) who worked as a mystic and told people’s fortunes. The conflicts Poe faced were people close to him died of tuberculosis or other illnesses. As an editor, there was no success approaching him, including his reviews, until “The Raven” was written. Admittedly, Dahl didn’t receive much credibility as a children’s author. In addition, he was characterized as eccentric/odd and became like one of his characters, causing people to parodied him, but did not question his fantasy writing style. Although, they were impacted in different ways, in order to create their unique ways of writing style. Indeed, Poe was influenced by the women in his life who died of tuberculosis, since his belief was that he was
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