Similarities Between The Lion King And Hamlet

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The Disney film “The Lion King” and Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” seem like two very different stories, but they have many similarities. The idea for “The Lion King” had Walt Disney from William Shakespeare`s play “Hamlet”, who was a tragedy from 1602 where the king is murdered by his own brother. The Lion King The Disney film “The Lion King” is an animated film from 1994. In the film the “Pride Lands” is ruled by Mufasa, the Lion King. One day Mufasa dies unexpectedly, and his only son, Simba is told that his father fell down from a cliff while he was trying to escape from a horde of wild antelopes. Scar, Mufasa`s brother, seizes the throne and takes Mufasa`s wife as his queen. Simba is the only surviving son of Mufasa. He is devastated when his father dies and feels completely…show more content…
Another similarity is that the murderer wants the power of the throne and successfully takes over the kingdom after the death of the King; in “The Lion King”, Simba has an evil uncle named Scar. Scar is jealous of his brother, Mufasa, because he wants to be the king instead, so Scar kills his own brother, and he get what he wants. In “Hamlet”, Prince Hamlet has an uncle called Claudius. Claudius has already become king in the start of the story—by killing his brother (King Hamlet). Both in the film and in the play, the King`s son does not like his uncle and at first, does not know that his uncle had anything to do with his father`s death. Another similarities between the characters is that the ghost (the King) tells the son who the murderer is, and the son kills his father`s murderer himself. Both families are royal families; Simba is the son of the king (Mufasa) that means that Simba is the prince, and Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, he is the son of the murdered King
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