Similarities And Differences Between Italian Education And Italian System Of Education

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This essay is to analyse similarities and differences between Finnish System of Education and Italian System of Education. First of all, we are going to analyse the two general systems and then we will go deeper in the Primary School organization, investigating strengths and weaknesses of both systems and trying to understand what they can take from each other to improve the quality of education.
Education is one of the most important aspect for a country and constitution is the base on which it’s organized and developed in both of the countries we are analysing.
“Everyone has the right to basic education free of charge. Provisions on the duty to receive education are laid down by an Act. The public authorities shall, as provided in more detail by an Act, guarantee for everyone equal opportunity to receive other educational services in accordance with their ability and special needs, as well as the opportunity to develop themselves without being prevented by economic hardship. The freedom of science, the arts and higher education is guaranteed.” (The Constitution of Finland, section 16)
“The Republic guarantees the freedom of the arts and sciences, which may be freely taught. The Republic lays down general rules for education and establishes state schools of all branches and grades. Entities and private persons have the right to establish schools and institutions of education, at no cost to the State. The law, when setting out the rights and obligations for the
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