Similarities And Differences Between Korean And American Culture

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I was born and raised up in South Korea for twenty years, and thus I know Korean culture very well. I also understand American culture as well, because I lived and worked with Americans for four years. I decided to choose this topic, because in my experience, I have noticed a lots of differences between Korean culture and American culture; for example how Korean or American treat older people, how Korean or American act in the gym, and about the differences in foods. I picked those subjects because I have experienced the Koreans and Americans side well enough to understand both and I’m currently in South Korea with military men and women. I have Korean friends and American friends spending time together sometimes, and then I can observes differences and similarities. From that, Korean and American cultures are similar and difference in many ways. First of all, I want to start with the comparison between how American and Korean treat older people. For Americans, when you speak to older people you can call them by name or you or Sir or Ma’am or whatever, but for Korean, you have to call older people by name and ‘님’ or ‘선생님’ like in English word Sir or Ma’am. If you are Korean and you call your father as “you”, you will get slapped. When I first heard my friend call his grand-father by name, I was thinking how they are disrespect older people, it is not acceptable in Korea. Another thing is younger Koreans don’t pick up their spoon or chop-sticks to eat
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