Similarities And Differences Between Latin American And Haitian Revolution

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Allison Yi 10/17/16 10th Grade Global History Period 7 Introduction: Revolutions were significant events in history that dramatically affected the rights of the inhabitants. The Latin American revolution as well as the Haitian revolution were led to gain independence from the colonial power of France, Spain, and Portugal. The Latin American revolution led by Simon Bolivar and the Haitian Revolution have both similarities and differences as they both started due to the want for political, economic and social changes. BP1 Topic Sentence: The Latin American and Haitian revolution were both started due to the want for social change because of the inhumane treatment they were receiving. At Saturday, April 20, 1793, many of the slaves revolted in order to gain freedom. The passage states ”hundreds of enslaved blacks revolted in the area surrounding the village of Trois- Rivières, Guadeloupe… they were quiet, orderly and unaggressive… the soldiers schedule scrot the enslaved into basse-terre where they would be placed into custody.”( Insurrection and the Language of rights) This is an example of why the slaves wanted a social change as Toussaint Louverture believed that the blacks were not treated the way they should be. Although the blacks were revolting in a silent and orderly manner, they were still placed in custody which means the government was ignoring their natural rights. The Latin Americans
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