Similarities And Differences Between Living On Campus And Living Off Campus

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What are some similarities and differences between living on campus and living off campus? Life in the university is an interesting experience. There are many things which the students make a decision by themselves, so they should be thoughtful before resolving. Choosing where they live is one of the most issues that they need consider carefully. Living on campus and living off campus are two ways that have some similarities and differences. Comparing between them is a great idea for the student to choose which one is really suitable. Living which makes student thinks circumspect before a decision. Similar to live on the campus, the students who live outside should practice some skills to adapt to new environment. In both cases, students will be sharing their living space with others (unless they have enough money and the desire to live alone off campus). They will have roommates with whom they must manage to get along. In addition, they must believe in themselves and be alert no matter what circumstances happen. Living on-campus help students save a large deal of money. Because the cost of renting a room is really expensive for the students who live off campus, and they must pay some extra fees for driving to school, finding a parking space, grocery shopping, and cooking. In contrast, live boarding house, students in a dormitory can easily walk to classes, libraries, computer labs, cafeterias; therefore, you don 't have to waste much time and money for moving. Furthermore,
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